Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A great day :)

Well Sunday was SUCH a lovely day, :) Good thing too as looks like the last bit of sun we'll be having for a while! Started off by taking kids to car boot sale at Wicksteed. Same one Mum and I did last week but was just buying this time no selling, lol. Got fair few bargains for the kids including this for Caitlin, anybody remember these? I loved Keypers when I was young, I didnt have this one but either my cousin or sister did I can't remember. I had the bunny and the snail :) Love getting things for Caitlin that I had, reliving my childhood is one of the best parts about having kids. lol.

After the car boot, park and going out for lunch (yummy :) I came home to do more scrapping from the twilight cyber crop this weekend.
Jessies challenge :) Picked Use more than one photo, two different alphas and 3 patterned papers. The Yellow is a pp I just used the plain side lol.
This is the floating globe at Peppa pig land, the kids (and me and mark lol) were fasinated with this, the globe is a solid piece of granite and isnt connected to the base at all it just sits there. the water pressure underneath moves the ball ad the slightest touch from even caitlin made it spin round as though it weighed nothing. BUT if left to spin alone it will right itself to mirror exactly the earths axis with the north pole at the top and at an exact 23.5 degree angle :)

This was a card challenge from Karen. The challenge was to make a card using any inspiration from hers you liked. I dont do cards so scraplifted the design for a layout instead :)

Well i did actually start this post yesterday but life keeps getting in the way. paricually with Cam being off school. Think hes going to phone childline if I take him shops or town again, lol. Today wasnt so bad though, just one quick shop for milk this morning then down to see Caitlins sports day :) She did really well and came second in running and hurdles, first in throwing and 3rd in the egg and spoon race. She loved it which I was pleased at because did worry she was going to refuse to do it!


  1. Two really lovely layouts and how fab that you used my card to inspire a layout xxx

  2. Gorgeous layouts and well done to Caitlin for doing so well in her sports day x


Thanks for your comments. :)