Monday, 23 February 2015

Back to school

Well the kids went back to school today :) Both were quite happy to be going back so think the break did them good :)
After dropping Cam at breakfast club I came home to a very hyper Caitlin. Shes in the star of the week assembly so very excited about going back :) As we had a little while before school I put some music on my phone and we sat on the stairs dancing, as you do lol.
Very proud little girl :) The teacher has picked her because she is so kind and caring, and looks after any child who needs a bit of extra help. Very proud Mummy and Daddy too :)
So assembly finished home to do the ironing. Bleh. Didn't do any last week so the pile was huge! Scamp decided he'd had enough and climbed back into bed! Its a hard life.
After ironing and cleaning I had a bit of time before school run so did a quick layout. Almost finished this months counterfeit kit now.
This photo is from our local farm. They have a large woodland nearby which has a few themed walks including an elf town with elf houses and hotels carved from the trees. Its a lovely way to encorage the kids to explore and Cameron was mystified.
Love these leaves, think I got them in a pack from something ages ago but no idea where lol.
Well not much planned for tomorrow, may attempt to get cams hair cut again. Something seems to go wrong everytume we go to try so seems cursed!


  1. Oh beautiful layout and love the photo of your daughter and her certificate - worthy of a scrapbook layout without a doubt! Hope you managed to find the bottom of the ironing pile!

  2. Congratulations Caitlin on being such a star!!

  3. Congratulations Caitlin on being such a star!!

  4. Love the chevrons drawing my eye up throughout he page :)


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