Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Scrapping and sleeping lol

Over the past few days I seem to have been really productive. I've got housework done, bills and all the other bits done much quicker than usual so that's left lots of scrapping time :)
In the spirit of using up what I have I reached into my kit bag and pulled out the first one my hand laid on. It turned out to be a beautiful kit from Sarahs cards, wayyyyyyyy back from March 2012. I have far too many of these kits untouched. :s
I've managed to make 3 layouts from this kit so far, but this was the first :) It was scraplifted from the DT booklet but I've apprently thrown it away so can't give credit to the designer unfortunately. I love the result though :)
I might have managed to get a lot done because we haven't really left the house much. I don't know what the weather has been like where you are but it's FREEZING here! We've had some snow but not enough to do snowmen and sledding :( Scamp has been deeply unimpressed with the climate change and has taken to snuggling up in the bed whenever he can. Spot the dog dog, lol.
We've also finished Caitlins termly project :) This time she had to pick a famous ship and make a presentation about it. As you can see she picked the Marie Celeste where the crew went suddenly missing.
I did ask her what her theory was on where the crew went. 'I think they were all eaten by crocodiles' was the reply. Well, nobody knows what happened right?! lol.


  1. Nice pages. Glad you are enjoying a spurt of creativity.

  2. It hasn't gotten above freezing yet this week. It was -4 when I took the kids to school on Monday. Brrr!!! Interesting theory on the Marie Celeste!

  3. Love Caitlin's theory :D

    Lovely page - I think I am down to just scraps of that kit left but I still have (to my shame) some kits that have barely been touched :O

  4. That first page is lovely Gemma, the pinwheels are so cute


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