Tuesday, 24 February 2015

counterfeit kit blog hop

Woops! did schedule this but something went wrong, lets try again :)

This month I decided to go for the counterfeit kit blog hop :) Typically this seemed to be the month where I had the most trouble with the challenges! The options were:

Challenge #1 - Invisibles and Clear Cuts - I didn't put anything like this in my kit
Challenge #2 - Date Stamp - Don't own any stamps lol
Challenge #3 - Title Challenge - tried this, but couldn't think of anything.

So after thinking about it for a while I went back to challenge number 1, invisables and clear cuts. With an idea in mind I ran next door and asked them if they still had the empty Krispy Kreme doughnut box I had saw on their counter the day before. With a strange look they handed it over lol.
Inspired now, I ripped the clear plastic out of the top of the box, washed the stray sugar and chocolate off of it, set about cutting, embossing, inking and punching, and made this layout.
See what I did? I first cut some flowers out using my Tim Holtz tattered florals die, embossed some of them and wiped an ink pad over the top to give it a bit of colour. They still didnt stand out as much as I'd have liked so I punched the circles to put behind them too.
In addition to the flowers I added these butterflies. This is more of a personal touch. As readers of my blog will know my Gran hates getting her photo taken, so I was very surprised when she happily posed with the kids at Christmas. Last year was a very difficuilt year for our family with lots of losses, big changes and challenges to overcome. I like the idea that the clear butterflies, hard to see but still there, almost represent those issues.
Not that anyone just glancing at the layout would know that, but I like to have little secrets on my layouts :)
So I hope you liked my layout :) There are plenty more places to drop by on the hop and lots more talented work to look at. :) Next in your list is Margie so be sure to pop by :)
The full blog hop list will be published on the link-to-the-CKCB so if you get lost along the way, head over there to find your way back onto the hop.
Don't forget to leave me a comment to let me know you were here and happy hopping!"

GD Doris
Lisa Harris

You are here :) - Gemma



  1. Love that you've included the butterflies ... our little secret ;-)

  2. Wow, Gemma, I love this page. It is so soft and precious. I love all of the subtle touches of vellum and how how you got creative using a Krispy Kreme packaging. The story of the butterflies adds to the lovely understated specialness.

  3. love that you found a way to work through your limitations and that made you even more creative! The flowers are a super idea and the tiny butterflies are such a super touch.

  4. Beautiful layout and what a great idea for the clear to use :) Nice to see you join in with us this month and hop along :)

  5. Now that is some clever re-purposing! Mmmmmm...Krispy Kremes!! Thanks for playing along with us this month.

  6. Your layout is just lovely! I had a few scheduling issues, too-I scheduled for yesterday instead of today, at first! Whoops!

  7. Welcome to the blog hop Gemma.Your layout looks fabulous and the repurposed donut lid worked a treat.It just proves that you can recycle just about anything.

  8. This is just lovely, made all the better for the extra effort you used.

  9. I love the reasons behind your little butterflies. What a sweet touch.

  10. Would give anything to have seen your neighbor's face, lol! I am always asking for a clean paper basket liner out at restaurants so I know how you feel :-D Love the idea of little secrets on our pages... will have to give me that a thought. And I love that Gran was smiling.

  11. Wow - I never would have thought to use the packaging that way! Love the butterflies, and I will definitely have to try that technique with the flowers.

  12. Love the colours and the splatterings from corner to corner - glad you joined in at a last!!!


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