Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sketchy scrappers

Well its a horrible, dreary, wet day today. I think I'm all scrapped out atm so been doing a bit of cleaning this morning now I'm sitting with a coffee and catching up on Greys anatomy. Such a sad episode! Won't post any spoilers but if you haven't watched it yet have tissues.
Well before my mojo ran out I tackled this sketch last night. It was set by Karen over on Sketchy scrappers.
So this was my take :) bit different from the original sketch but I'm pleased with it :)
The papers are ones I got for Christmas and I admit when I opened them I smelled them lol. I don't know if its just me but I love the smell of new paper. New 12x12 papers. They have a certain smell. Just reminds me of retreats with my friends, getting a new kit each month when they kids were babies. You know how certain smells make you happy cos they have happy memories attached, like that. :) My neighbour says I'm 'A certain kind of special' I choose to take that as a compliment lol.


  1. You've definitely captured the boy spirit on this page. Lots of pop and pow!

  2. Love this page Gemma. It has a super hero feel. I think I've watched 10 seasons of Greys. Not sure when 11 will come to streaming/dvd.

  3. I work with someone know who smells paper and rubs her notebooks all the time. It always makes me smile :) this is a fab page Gemma. Love the colours and such great photos!

  4. Great photos looks like he's having so much fun!


Thanks for your comments. :)