Thursday, 27 August 2015

Going back to bed

Ugh, last full week of the holiday and I'm poorly.
Luckily we've not had much planned so me resting a lot of the time hasn't really been a big deal, so I've mainly been doing easy housework, online shopping and photographing the pile of layouts sitting in front of the tv lol.
This is one of those layouts. I admit I struggled with this triangle paper but while its not one of my fave layouts I don't hate it either.
As soon as I saw this card in a kit I knew what photo I wanted to use it on. Caitlin is NOT a morning person and even on holiday she can be a nightmare to get out of bed. if you need her out of bed by 8 you need to start waking her at 7:30. Seriously she takes after her Daddy. I can be up, fed the kids, fed the dog, done the dishes and put a load of washing on by the time Marks made it to the bathroom to brush his teeth lol.
So one more week and the kids are back at school. As usual I'll miss them but looking forward to getting back to normal. Even they're looking forward to it. The Summer holidays are just too long and they get restless by the end of it. They're bored of all the activities, but also bored of everything in the house lol. Hands up I'll admit I'm looking forward to starting (OK continuing) my Christmas planning too. The kids going back is the start of me planning the craft activities and all the fun things we'll do in December. I can't wait!!!!!!


  1. Sorry to hear you're poorly. The holidays have whizzed by despite having extra weeks here. Hope the kids are as keen when the time comes next week!

  2. I think I'd struggle to that paper to but you've done a great job! Hope you're all better now x


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