Sunday, 30 August 2015


You know when I said I was planning on having kid, everyone told me about the sleepless nights, no free time, no money etc, nobody warned me how absolutely TERRIFYING it could be! Yesterday morning Caitlin woke up with a fever and violently shivering. Cooled her down and gave her neurophen and she slept most of the day so just kept an eye on her.
Then this morning at 2am she woke up crying that she had a headache and her neck really hurt. So fever, sore neck and headache, my mind went right to meningitis. I remembered that I read somewhere that you should ask children to put their chin to their chest which Caitlin could do no problem, her feet and hands were also warm and I remembered cold feet and hands were another symptom so I breathed a bit easier then.
Medicine, a fan, cuddles and My little pony on TV calmed her down and she managed to doze off for a little longer. I however was wide awake and looking for spots, just in case lol.
Obviously our picnic is off today. Cameron was such a little star. We were supposed to be going to a local theme park and he was gutted when we told him we couldn't go but when we explained Caitlin was poorly he fully understood. He's since been running about getting her drinks and teddies and even rubbing her neck a little when it hurt again.
Such a little sweetheart.
So no picnic today, I did get my pj drawer sorted yesterday though so thats something, and I killed that kit!!! So today will be opening the new Like forever kit, quite excited lol.
In the meantime I still have a couple to share from the old kits. I loved this paper from a recent Like for ever kit, so didn't want to do too much to it. Some mists, sequins, washi, vellum and bits from my bits box and I was happy with it. :) Love layouts that come together easily.
This photo is Caitlin last Christmas. When I was a kid my Mum bought me a storybook which had me in the story. Santa was hunting for letters and me, my sister and my cousin had to help him.
I thought it was amazing, my name, birthday and everything was in this book! I treasured it,long after I stopped believing in santa lol.
With that in mind, as soon as I saw an advert that Asda were doing the same thing but with Disney stories I knew I had to get one for Caitlin. Her face when she opened the book and realised her name was in it was priceless!!
So obviously todays plan is out the window. Hoping to get a little crafting done when Caitlin is napping but I should really give up planning by this point lol.


  1. I do hope Caitlin is feeling better soon. I understand your panic - a few years ago my daughter was poorly and started coming out in a pinky purple rash (looked like leopard spots). I did the tumbler test and it seemed to disappear - but as the rash was getting worse we went to casualty to be sure (it was a Friday night of course - never happens when you can nip to the doctors!) Turns out it was an allergic reaction to her antibiotics ... but an anxious time none the less. Hope you get some rest too x

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  3. Oh gosh I've missed that you've all been ill! So sorry you missed the day out but glad all is better now. Love the page and what a cute idea for a book! Shame mine are too old lol!


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