Thursday, 6 August 2015

Scavenger hunt

Well today has been crazy lol. Started with me deciding to declutter the house a little, my friend is doing a thing where she gets rid of a carrier bag of stuff a day so I thought I'd start in Cams room. Went well until we realised he couldn't find his case with his DS games, all £400 odd worth. We searched the whole house and couldn't find it, in desperation we phoned Butlins and it was there! They're posting them out to us so we have a very relived and happy little boy. Honestly cannot fault their customer services.
Anyway after that Caitlin had a friend round to play then it was dinner, baths bed and I relaxed with some crafting :)
I'll share that another day however :) While we were away I managed to get a fair few photos for the scavenger hunt!

6. A metal bridge
While we were driving down to Skegness I saw this bridge coming up, I started shouting at Mark 'Take a picture of the bridge! The bridge!' I love that he didn't bat an eyelid, took the photo and simply said 'Scavenger hunt?' lol, the man knows me so well. :)

Alternative B: Someone holding an umbrella
There was a play area where they had over sized beach paraphanailia, so thought this one would be ideal lol.

1. A bouquet of flowers
OK I'm taking a bit of creative license with this one lol. Does anybody else remember that tv show with the lady who thought she was posher than she was? Her surname was Bucket but she told everyone it was Bouquet? Anyway my Mum used to LOVE that show so whenever anybody says bouquet I now think bucket lol. So here we go, a 'Bucket of flowers' :P

9. A tent
We're not going camping this year so was very pleased to see this circus tent :)

7. A turtle
Was thinking this was going to be a hard one so as soon as I saw this in the swimming pool I knew I had to get a photo of it! I thought I would look like a crazy person however, so I made Mark do it :)

20. A natural body of water
You can't get more natural than the sea, unfortunately while there I completely forgot about this one while I was there! So lets pretend Caitlin isn't there and it's just the sea ;)

Still a few more to go but very pleased with the progress!


  1. We don't have a dog so the 'walking a dog or other animal' means I have to photograph a stranger. I might get my daughter to do that one on her iphone - they might think I'm a loony whipping out a camera and taking a snap of them! x

  2. That's a cracking find for a tent and the umbrella! Well done!


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