Saturday, 29 August 2015

Too much stuff

Do you ever look around and just feel completely overwhelmed by how much stuff you have. We have a small house anyway so any clutter is really noticeable. I've been decluttering for the past month but swear its made no difference lol.
Once the kids go back I'll set about tackling the loft but until then I'll need to just keep plodding on and chucking out as much stuff as Mark and the kids wont miss lol.
On the note of declutting I haven't allowed myself to open a new kit until I've killed the one I'm working on. So at the moment my desk looks like this.
I don't know how you class a kit as 'killed' but to me its when there's no pieces of paper larger than 12x6. This kit seems to be going on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Almost done with it though. :)
Used a few embellishments on this layout. Did plan on adding more but I quite like the cleanness of it.
The picture is an old one of Caitlin at easter. I loved this dress and had it on her as much as possible lol. Gutted when she grew out of it.
So my aim this weekend is to kill that kit, plus sort out my pj drawer (I have a thing about PJs) and hopefully have a picnic tomorrow, weather permitting. I probably won't get any of it done you know that lol.


  1. Beautiful page (and dress). I think a kits killed when I'm down to making cards out for it :) hope you get some more crafting done and the PJ drawer sorted too!

  2. Gorgeous page. When ever I do a big clean and declutter I end up with more chaos than when I started! My PJ drawer is where I push clutter from the bedroom floor - I'm not going anywhere near mine :)


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