Friday, 26 November 2010

WHY do I do it to myself?

Mark says I'm just a glutton for punishment. lol. This year I got christmas done very early so as the big day approaches we have some pennies and some spare time. So what do I do, decide to redecorate half the house! lol. I've finished Caitlins room and made a good start on the loft, pretty much finished the kitchen and now moving onto the hall. lol. To be honest it's not really cost too much. I'm quite good at getting stuff from freecycle or using paint I've already got to make things cheaper. The pain for the kitchen for example I got for free months ago. I bought the pink paint for Caitlins room (for when I got around to it) and it was buy one get one free. So I just picked a pale green I liked but had no idea where to go. lol. Now its in the kitchen. :) The tiles we're going to do the hall in we got from freecycle a while back, another 'I like it but not sure what ill do with it, well its bound to come in usefull' thing. Its dreadfull as our garage is always stuffed with bits and bobs waiting to be used. But means the house is done nicely and cheaply! lol.
Well I've managed to do a few layout challenges and phtograph them in time to enter, lol. This one is from uks. Rules were:
One photo - Done
One word title - Done
Circle shape base - Done
Ripping - Done, circle was made by putting a pate on the paper and ripping around it. :)
Title has two meanings, its my son in the sun. lol

Another challenge, rules were:
Out and about photo(s): done
Sketch: done
Bling: done (top right hand corner
Non scrapping item: didnt manage this one. lol
Love these photos, a bit bittersweet really as was taken a while back when mark could run around with the kids. Cant really do that anymore. :(

Didnt go see peppa pig today. Took the kids messy play instead which they enjoyed. :) Then home to do the dreaded housework. lol. Not going out tomorrow, going to make some jam tarts I think. Caitlin loves helping with those. lol

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