Friday, 4 November 2011

double layouts

Never done a pre-planned blog post before but as I'll be spending most of today driving don't think I'll get a chance to blog. lol.
One thing I've been doing lately is double layouts. I've never been a fan of them before, mainly the ones where it looks like its one long layout cut in half. As I use D ring albums the layouts have a big gap between them so it never looks right I think. However I've started to do some which which are more like mirror images. Which I'm quite pleased with. :) With two kids I'll quite often have two very similar photos of them, so I like doing a 'boy' version and a 'girl' version of the same layout iykwim. This is one example. :) Both kids made Mark a fathers day card at school, inside they told their teacher why they loved their daddy and she wrote it down for them. Cameron said loads, 'He's silly' 'He gives good cuddles' 'he plays trains with me' Caitlin said 'he dances' lol. Well at least its something!
This is Caitlins one.

Little butterflies. :)

This is Camerons. SO much harder than caitlins, but I do find boy layouts a lot harder. Thank goodness for my Gadget gears die!

Made this little banner :) so cute!

This is another double layout I did. ) We went to a local park and they kids both sat in this story seat. As usual I had two sets of the same photos just with different kids. lol So another mirror image layout was needed.:)

Right well hopefully I'll be at Sarahs retreat safely and will be scrapping by tonight. Will take lots of photos to share when i get back. :)


  1. I have only tried scheduling a blog post once and it didn't work so I haven't bothered trying again! Love the idea of a mirror image double and such a nice idea to scrap the fathers day cards! :)

  2. Must admit I schedule virtually all my blog posts and apart from one failing to upload at the scheduled time they have all gone fine.

    Great double layouts - love how you have used their cards.

    Enjoy the retreat - I am only a slight shade of green LOL!!! Look forward to seeing all your layouts when you get back and blog them!!


Thanks for your comments. :)