Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Well as well as christmas things we've still been selling off computers and bits. Most has gone on the house and christmas gifts, but some we kept for ourselves. So mine went on guess what? yep craft stuff! lol.
I've wanted the bow punch for AGES but never seen it anywhere, so was thrilled to see that, and the Snowflake punch back in stock at Sarahs cards. They also had these circle punches which I used loads at the reteat.

Speaking of the retreat this is a kit from jens class (which I still havent finished, lol) I LOVE these papers and thickers so decided to buy a second. :) Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but arnt they pretty. :)

Two photos now. :) Of my bargain GRAB BOX!!! I LOVE when Sarahs cards does these. They're always stupidly good value with lots of yummy stuff in. £75 worth of stuff for £25 with free postage. Can't complain can you?! This is photo one. Lots of yummy Christmasy things I've put together in a little kit. Have a crop coming up so hopefully use it then.

This is photo two. Love this glitter paper, really thick and the glitter doesnt come off in my hands. Got to be gettings some more of this. :) Lots of flocked and embossed paper too. If I had the money I'd buy another one of these. lol

Well more shopping today. :) Christmas food shop then off to Northampton with my mum for the stocking fillers and any little bits and bobs we can find (and afford!) Hopefully the weather will pick up. Currently sitting here with the lights all on!


  1. Wow what a pile of super goodies - must feel like Christmas already :)

  2. Great goodies there, I did a bit of sneaky shopping at Sarahs Cards last night, looked at the grab boxes but couldn't quite stretch to one this timeround. Maybe next time. C xx

  3. wow lots of fab goodies there, look forward to seeing your creations. :)

  4. what a lovely lot of stash, must be Christmas - enjoy!


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