Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sarahs cards saturday

So cold today!!!! As much as I'm missing the good company and fun classes from the retreat this weekend this morning I'm seriously missing the coffee machine!! I'll start by apologising for any spelling mistakes in Thai post. Currently blogging from marks iPad as the computer is doing a disc check which seems to be taking hours. Lol. Anyway, back to the retreat :)
First thing Saturday morning we had a card class, which I forgot about so haven't photographed yet lol. So will blog that tomorrow. :) instead I'll show you one of the make and takes I did. Amazingly simple peg magnet for the fridge.

Another layout with the Christmas kit. Pretty much used up except scraps now, whoop whoop! Just another 13 or so kits left. Lol

love these leaves. Got a pack from the charity table at the retreat so no idea where they're from. Anybody know?

This class was Tactile Memories by Claire Wheatley and it was VERY messy!!! lots of modgepodge covering the whole thing and lots of screwed up tissue. i revisited my childhood and spent some happy moments peeling dried glue from my fingers lol.

An unusual way to use paper clips. Though beware they do go rusty from all the glue.

This is Krafty Adventures by Lou Stevenson and was actually my favorite class. Lots of little details without being too much iykwim.

Lots of twine used here. Wouldnt have thought of simply wrapping it around a circle to make an embellishment.

So lots of classes done we had dinner. Oh my god I've not laughed so much in ages!!! Honestly it was like Fawlty towers with one mishap after another. The starter was stilton and broccili soup. I've honestly enevr tasted anything like it! It was dreadful! everyone sent it back poor staff didn't know what to do. Last year when they kept messing up we were given free wine, this year we got hot chocolate. hmmm, I think we did better last time. lol.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time, I love everything you made x

  2. Lovely layouts Gemma, am so jealous I couldn't go to the retreat this year!
    Sounds like you had a fab time though!
    Claire x

  3. I think I donated those leaves- were they in a pack with lot of gold, green and orangey coloured bits. I think there were something like butterflies or the like in the pack too? I got them in a Shimelle clearance box about 2 years ago.... LouP

  4. Those are the ones!! Thanks for donating them I love them :) wonder how much we raised.

  5. Fab layouts again, you sound like you had lots of fun, I love peeling glue off! ;)

  6. Great layouts! I'd love to go to a retreat, it sounds fantastic. Love the twine wrapped around a circle. x

  7. Great pages-especially love the xmas one!!


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