Thursday, 3 November 2011

Woops. lol

Well I did mean to blog yesterday but something distracted me. Namely this

I have been waiting for my library to get this book for ages! I love her stories as she tells them from all different perspectives and are full of interesting facts. Such as a strawberry isn't actually a berry its a rose. lol. Was so excited when I saw it on the shelf so my night was spent with a glass of wine, some biscuits and this book. :) Nearly finished it and its great so far but wont say more incase anybody wants to read it. lol
Well got a hectic day ahead, on the Sarahs cards retreat tomorrow (woohoo!!) so have to make a name badge, pack and sort the house out ready for my mum to come over. Anybody else scrub the house from top to bottom when they know their mums coming round or just me? lol. But relaxing with a cup of tea while blogging at the moment. The calm before the storm. lol
Well I said I'd share the layouts I did so here some are. :) This one I did with this months Sarahs cards kit. Love this kit. :) nice recent photos too rather than ones from years back. lol

Dug this rub on from my bits box, love these little envelopes for hidden journaling but thought it needed a little something. :)

More of the SC kit and a few bits from my scraps. Love these pictures. lol. We went to Thomas land ages ago, first time we went and couldn't figure out the map at all. I took a photo of Cameron looking confused so obviously needed to do the same with Mark and Caitlin. Think Marks used to me taking photos with specific layouts in mind now. lol

How cute is this brad! I'm not sure where I got it from but have a feeling its another SC kit. lol

Last one. :) I LOVE this layout. Nice and simple and lots of cute photos. :) This kit works so well with them too with all the apples and the september card. :)

Well I really better get started. lol. Marks still in his bed so first stop is getting his lazy bum up!!


  1. Fab layouts there, really lovely.

  2. I love looking at your blog it always brings a smile to my face
    And no you are not the only one who cleans before their mum comes

  3. Fun layouts. I used to clean the house to avoid comments about not cleaning skirting boards etc but decided life too short. She also does not see as well now which helps.

  4. Ok so that is where you are driving! Hope you have a great weekend :) Love these 3 layouts, I think they may be my favourite of any of your laytous so far! I clean before anyone comes (but especially my MIL!) I actually start to panic if the gas meter reader comes too early in the day and I haven't finished cleaning yet, very sad I know :)


Thanks for your comments. :)