Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Taking over the living room

Well as last night was Halloween we took the kids to a local park which does a huge Halloween party. I have to say I was really impressed! They do a spooky walk through the woods which we did while it was light (poor Evie was terrified enough then let alone in the dark, lol) and it was great. Lots of props, things hanging from the trees, candles etc. Apparently when its night they have around 60 people hiding under bushes and in trees to grab you and scare you. Think that would have killed Evie off. lol
I seem to have lost my camera :( so mum took most of the pictures, but did get this one on Marks camera.

Remember what I said about having too much stash on my desk to scrap? Well here's proof. lol The boxes are ribbons I got from the 'studio' catalog. Super cheap and really nice.

So what do I do when I want to scrap? I go on the rug. lol. Mark says I'm slowly taking over the house. Don't think he's really wrong there. lol

But I am making a dent in the mess. A small one granted which will probably be filled at my retreat this weekend. But never mind. lol. Have been doing lots of layouts, but will share those tomorrow. :)


  1. That's what my hubby says bout my crafting due to having a cupboard full in the kitchen then a cupboard and bookshelf in the living room which is wear I do my crafting as I don't have a craft room :( Look forward to seeing your layouts :)

  2. Sounds like a great night in the park :) I'm glad I don't have to sort your stash lol x

  3. LOL I was accused of taking over the house years ago!! Have a fab time at the retreat - I am only a little shade of green - I look forward to seeing what you do in classes on your return.

    Karen x


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