Monday, 28 November 2011

Where has this month gone?!

Honestly, I can't belive its been so long since I last blogged! This month has just sped by. Suppose it'll go by even quicker now we're getting closer to christmas!!
Well this month we had Caitlins dress rehersal for her ballet show. Was gutted to be honest as she was really poorly the day before and still not quite right on the day. :( Took her along just incase but while she did try the outfits on she didnt feel up to dancing so just sat on my knee and watched. I'm not sure she's going to do the main show as its on a huge stage in a proper theatre which I think is a bit much for kids her age. But we'll see. :)

We've also started our Christmas celebrations! I LOVE that the kids are that bit older now and I can do more with them. :) We took them to see the Arthur Christmas film last week. Cameron said it was the best film ever! I didnt think it was that great but oh well. lol. We also had our little christmas party for the kids. :) Wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it this year with my sister and all but went ahead and glad I did. :) The kids and adults all had a good time and all were pretty well behaved. Except my mum who got a bit over excited when she won a board game and made Cameron cry!! Not sure if naughty step will work at her age. lol

Well I promise to try and blog a bit more now! Have lots of fun things coming up so like the idea of recording it here for future journaling if nothing else. lol


  1. Awwww Caitlin looks like a proper fairy - hope she manages to do the big show.

  2. Caitlin is so cute. You have been busy celebrating


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