Saturday, 28 July 2012

My week in pictures

I remembered to do it this week :)
Saturday me and Mark had a dvd night, been watching Castle and so addicted! Both of us loves firefly and its very similar humor plus crime thriller so all round great in my book :) We'd got some sweets from asda that day including these

Anybody else remember these? I used to love them as a kid and not seen them for ages. :)
Sunday Mum and I did a car boot sale, it was SO SLOW compared to how it usually is and we both only made £30 each. Granted I did spend £15 or so on bits so my own fault really lol. You can see how impressed mum was.

Monday was a lovely day so took the kids round my mums on their bikes. Caitlin attempted riding with no stabilisers for the first time and was so confident on it :) Will be trying more often.

Tuesday was Mollies birthday, she was having a small party at the local bowling ally so I took Cam along. Caitlin hates bowling so she wasnt bothered, lol. Cameron won from his team so had a very happy little boy lol.

Wednesday we took the car to get the brakes fixed, £140 later all done, joy. Was much happier when I got home to find this on my doorstep. Was a prize from the ATDML cyber crop and its IDEAL for a project I have in mind for Caitlins new room :)

As the kids had had such a boring Wednesday we took them to the cinema Thursday to see this. Was a really good film and nice to sit in an air conditioned room lol.

Friday I have no photos of yet lol, yesterday was the start of the twilight cyber crop on facebook so will hopefully have lots of layouts to show you tomorrow :)

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