Saturday, 14 July 2012

Awol again lol

Well since my birthday i admit I've been awol, lol. I did try and do my photo a day but been another hectic week lol. One of the big things was Caitlin has her transfer day at school. I've been dreading it as she is SUCH a mummys girl and still cries sometimes when I take her into nursery. She's been going she was 9 months old so you think she'd be used to it by now! Anyway I could not have been more amazed. She loved it! She went off on her own fine and actually cried when we had to leave :) Shes now so excited to go and keeps showing everyone the brochure of the school, such a weight off my mind.
Today was such a great day too :)Was the next sale this morning so mum and I were outside waiting at 3:30 lol. To be honest it wasnt anywhere near as busy as it has been in the past. In fact I think it's the quietest I've ever seen it. That said the people that were there pretty much swept the shelves, was so little left by the time we were done the staff were putting out the non-sale clothes. I was SO happy though as got enough clothes for the kids, plus all the stuff I needed to re-do Caitlins room. :) Bedsheet, curtains, wall art, lights. Only thing I couldnt get was the rug :( So mum and I decided to go over to Northampton to check there lol. Got the rug and a few more clothes, plus toys in the mother care sale for christmas! yes I'm shopping for Christmas now. Lets face it summers gone so I'm skipping ahead. lol
Speaking of summer its almost the holidays!!! I'm looking forward to spending some time with both my babies :) Planning lots of little bits and bobs to do with them. caitlins requesting lots of baking, she's really into that lately. We made chocolate muffins last week and she loved it. :)

I was really good and didnt even have one :) Doing really well on my diet and exercise, bought some 14s n the Next sale today and they fit great!! :)

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