Saturday, 7 July 2012


Well I've just finished putting the washing out, sat down and the heavens opened. I'm ignoring it because I'm NOT going out to get it lol.
Well I've been having a little break from blogging. Mainly because we went away for the weekend, then had all the housework to catch up on when we got back. Never fails to amaze me how I can leave the house clean when I leave, yet within an hour of being home its a tip! Poor mark also had his Birmingham hospital appointment on Tuesday which knocked him out for wednesday, then we had Caitlins introduction evening on Thursday, and Camerons school report, so busy busy!
I've also started this :) A few of my friends were raving about it so at £5 form play I thought it was worth a shot. day one and two I felt like I was dying, day 3 not too bad and day 4 I felt fine afterwards :) Theres 3 levels on it and you do each level for 7 days. dreading moving up a stage though as saw some clips of the exercises and its scary looking! Does feel like its taking effect though, my 'mummy pouch' is certainly smaller. :)

Start of the week was also reveal day on Sketchy scrappers. I did this layout a while ago but couldnt share it until reveal day :)

Havent done much scrapping lately, have been reading that '50 shades of grey' though. Onto book two and so far, not seeing the reason for all the hype :( Pretty badly written and really want to shake some sense into some of the charecters. But I've started so I'll finish, lol

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