Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Im dreadful for lists. Love having everything organised and sorted and making lists. As it's the summer holiday, like most Mums I bet, I'm struggling to stay on top of the usual jobs and not kill my overhyper son lol so I've been making more lists than usual. Shopping lists, housework lists, things for the kids to do lists, bill lists, the list goes on (see what I did there lol) so to keep them all together I've been using the book I got in Turkey.

Was a bargain at £3! Was one of those things I bought because it looked cool but had no idea what to with it, probably would be nicer to use it for something a bit more impressive but could be waiting a long time for something like that lol.
Well off to the cinema tomorrow to see the new ice age film :) Got the kids a big bag of sweets each so going to get a costa, rela and watch the film with hopefully little interuptions! lol

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