Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunny day!

Well woke up this morning to the sun shining :) Caitlin was supposed to go nursery but decided to keep her off and let her and Cam play. Glad I did as we ended up having a great day :) Played in the garden and had a picnic, then took their bikes over to the park. My sister with there with the girls and Caitlin wanted a go on Mollies bike which doesn't have stabalisers. Told her I didn't think she was ready but Caitlin being Caitlin insisted she was. Once again she showed me :) First time I let go she carried on riding for a bit before falling! Tried a few more times before she'd got bored but she did really well. :) Going to try and take her a couple times a week and hopefully by school she'll be doing it on her own. :) Thought seeing her do it might inspire Cameron to try but no chance lol.
Sunday Mum and I did a car boot sale, was really quiet so only made about £30 each but cleared out some junk :) Also got some amazing bargains, a HUGE box of lego including a lego castle for only £3! Cameron (and daddy) were thrilled :) Some dvds and a few dress up outfits for caitlin and these for me :)

2 Stampin up sets for £3 :) Wanted the forest friends one for a while but they're so expencive! Don't often see crafting stuff at car boots so snapped it up :) Just need to get some mojo back now to use them! lol

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  1. How fab was that finding them at a car boot - well done on the bargains xx


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