Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I love this time of year. Its still clear skys and fluffy clouds but theres a chill in the air which just kinda hints at Autumn.
To be honest I love all the season changes, I think I get bored quickly. Spring is great, sunnier days, visits to the farm, then rain gets boring and I want Summer. Summer has, picnics, day trips holidays, then the kids get bored and I want Autumn. Autumn is full of walks in the woods, leaf kicking, but then I'm excited for Christmas.
Winter if the BEST! Run up to Christmas, pretty lights, shopping, parties etc. Then after the sales its just dull and drab and boring.
See I get bored quickly lol. I like to have things to plan and organise and keep myself busy, Mark always says me being bored works out expencive. He's a saver, he likes to have money in the bank 'just in case' while I like to enjoy things like holidays and day trips, 'just in case' lol.
So you know how sometimes you see an embellishment, and you know EXACTLY what you want to do with it? Well when I saw the glitter words in my Like for Ever kit I knew I wanted to do a holiday layout and use 'choose joy' as a title. I always say thats what I'm doing. Choosing joy. If something happens to Mark, I can always sell, beg, borrow, and work my butt off to get money, I'll never be able to get back time with him.
After looking through photos I picked these ones from the sea lion/dolphin show in Spain. It was a holiday we seriously couldn't afford (still paying off the credit cards from it) but it was amazing! The kids loved it, we experienced so many new things and Mark really relaxed for once. In my mind it was worth every penny :) A big highlight was our trip to Sea world and the shows we saw there so it was perfect.
I had loads of photos from the shows at Seaworld and I managed to narrow it down to 6 so decided to do a double layout, which I don't do often.
I havent done the journaling yet but I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
Think I might do double layouts more often :)


  1. Really gorgeous layout - I haven't done a double in ages, it was all I used to do. And you keep grabbing all the 'joy' chances - you only regret what you didn't do when you could have done it (if that makes sense!) x

  2. Love your writing about the seasons - think that sums me up too! Lovely double lay out and I have a couple of embellishments like that in my stash I need to use as I know just what they are for!


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