Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Challenge YOUrself December

So it's December :) Predictably the challenge this month over at Challenge YOUrself is to create a layout with a holiday theme. This can be Christmas, Thanksgiving, anything you like!
Now I did this layouts back in May for National scrapbooking day. At the time December seemed such a long way away, doesn't seem two minutes ago now. Think its an age thing, the older you get, the more time speeds up.
So this layout I did with last Christmas' Like forever kit. I loved the muted colours and the shaped sequins. Looking at it now I want to pull the flair off the top left hand corner of the photo but oh well!
Do you ever look back at old layouts and want to change them? Do you or do you just shrug your shoulders like I do and think 'It's done now'?

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  1. Hi Gemme! I do that all the time, but mostly just leave it and think it's done now. I love your layout just the way it is! I think it looks balanced and beautiful! And I love your photo! Thank you!!!!!


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