Saturday, 3 December 2016

Party time :)

Its that time again, Christmas party time!!! Star was obviously in the party mood and brought along a dish for the kids to enjoy. Wish she had cleaned up a bit after herself though.
Amazingly enough, reindeer poop is really yum! May need to make it again sometime ;)
So like I said, today was our annual Christmas party. As usual I forgot to take many photos, but the kids had a great time :)
The theme this year was Crafty Christmas. We decorated cookies, painted plant pots to plant little Christmas trees and made salt dough ornaments. I was surprised how nice the things the kids made were! Usually when I do crafting with groups of kids its all kind of shoved together but they really thought about what they were doing and the pots turned out lovely!
Poor photo but the best one I got. First proper Christmas event done!

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  1. I love your tradition of a crafty Christmas party. You are creating memories for those kids for sure!


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