Monday, 5 December 2016


In my tote are my kits, not my new Like forever ones, the ones I've had for far longer than I care to admit.
So I had the 'bright' idea of pulling out the last two Christmas kits I had in the and combining them into one MEGA kit.
There were a few more bits in there than I thought *hangs head*
Luckily Like for ever are doing a daily prompt on the Facebook page. As well as taking a photo relating to the prompt I've challenged myself to do a layout a day based on it too.
This might start to be a bit more of a challenge the closer we get to the 25th but we'll see. I've set it all up for easy use and I've cut quite a few embellishments and backgrounds on my Silloeutte too to help.
As we're on the 5th, I have actually done a couple already (go me!) but true to form I haven't photographed them yet. Something to look forward to I'm sure ;)
Taking bets on how much stash will still be left on my desk on January 1st. All of it? Half of it? Most of it and more I've added over the days because I'm dreadful like that?
Yeah I think the last one too.

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