Sunday, 4 December 2016

Lincon market

Every year my Mum, Gran and I visit a Christmas market. We started at York (hated it, it was HEAVING) then Birmingham (loved it, went two years in a row) but this year we fancied a change and visited Lincoln.
Beautiful city, and while it was busy it wasn't overly busy iykwim. The cathedral was amazing, it was actually quite dizzying looking up at it.
Girly selfie :)
So all the stalls there, I bought a waffle, cakes, pies, fudge, sausage rolls, cheese; so lots of food! lol. It wasn't all food though, I also bought a couple of decorations for the tree, and these two little bowls.
I bought some of these when I was in Spain for embellishments and wished I bought more. I've seen them for sale in this country but they were too pricey. These however were only £2 each so a bargain!
Must admit I'm exhaused today, so looking forward to a quieter few days. Fx anyway as we all know my life, lol.

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