Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Getting there :)

Today was a busy day, but productive so I'm happy :)
We got a bit of money in so went to town to buy the LAST Christmas gift on the list. Yes, the LAST, I'm not buying anymore! (anybody believe me?) I had some points on my Costa card thanks to all the boosts they've done over the past few months so treated ourselves to coffee and cake.
I also finished and delivered a couple of Christmas decorations I've been making. Remember the roses I keep moaning about? Well this is what they were for.
My Granny was thrilled so was worth the hours of cutting, gluing and rolling paper.
Next was the blocks for my Mum. She saw something like this online months ago but it was really expencive so she asked me to make one. I bought the wood and the chair from Facebook, painted and decorated and this was the result.
Simple enough but she likes it. Just got to finish the one I'm doing for Gran and I will only have 2 gifts left to make!
The to do list is getting shorter people! Woohoo!

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