Friday, 2 December 2016

Short hair!!

Caitlin loves her hair. It takes ages to convince her its time to get a trim because she seems to think I'm going to strap her to the chair and have the hairdresser shave her head.
Her hair is beautiful, thing is it gets knotted easily, she won't let me plait it or do anything with it and moans if I even suggest a pretty bobble or something. So you can imagine my surprise and joy when she sat in the chair and asked the hairdresser to cut it short!
There were a couple of tears after she saw it the first time but she loves it now. Makes her look more grown up and will be much easier to manage. Happy Mummy and happy Caitlin :)
Yesterdays prompt on Like for ever December daily was advent, I'm hoping to do a layout a day based on the prompt so used this photo of Cam and Cait with the calenders from wayyyyy back in 2013. Tomorrow is 'to do list' so that should be interesting. :)
I didn't get a photo of what Star did this morning, but whatever training CIA agents have, it should include trying to change bedding while the kids are sleeping.

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  1. What a cute little girl with a hair "do" to match! Yay for no tangles!


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