Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Layouts and proud mummy. :)

At the moment I'm a very proud Mummy. :) On Monday poor Mark was in a bad way from all the walking we did Sunday. Couldn't even get out of bed, so I let him sleep until gone 12. Kids were so quiet and well behaved when Mark woke and felt a bit better we decided to take them Pizza hut for lunch, then to see Cars 2 at the cinema. Never been Pizza hut with them before and with it being the summer holiday it was packed! kids climbing on tables, throwing napkins at the waitress. So I was so proud of my two sitting nicely and eating, and saying please and thank you. When Cameron asked the waitress 'May I have a glass of juice please' she looked so amazed. lol. Was funny when she asked him what he wanted to eat and he asked for 'Mcdonalds' though. He meant chicken nuggets. lol.
They were also great at the cinima, was a bit worried as caitlin never been before but she sat really well. So very proud mummy :)
I usually do a Whats on your workdesk Wednesday, but my desk is currently a mess as Im rearranging it, and I'm pretty sure you've all seen that before. lol. I do have some layouts to share though so I'll show these. :) All are scraplifts from the sarahs cards design team but I've now lost the booklet so can't give individual credit. Sorry!
Cameron at Thomas land. He was pretending to be asleep like James. lol

Some photos from the toy story area at disneyland. The title is 'time to be a toy' as everything there was huge to make you feel toy sized. :) Cameron particularly loved the the benches were all brio train track. lol

These were photos from the playhouse disney show. They weren't great as we weren't allowed to use flash but still wanted to include them. The blue journalling page at the side pulls down. I need to go over the title with a black pen but not got one yet. lol

Love this one. the photo is supposed to be of Caitlin with Mickey Mouse, but let my mum take it and this is what she took. NO idea how she did that the kid can use my camera easy. lol.

Having a big clearout today. Dont know why just woke up in spring clean mode. lol


  1. Great layouts . I am not sure I would want to take mine kids to cinema and they are teens now!!!

  2. Orrr lovely layouts to remember the day.

  3. Great layouts and your children sound lovely. I did laugh at the McDonalds request though :)

  4. Lovely LOs and sounds like a fab day :)


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