Saturday, 2 July 2011

ok no photos

its not often I do a no photo post but unless you want to see a photo of my freshly ironed clothes I've not got much to share. lol. Oh Wait I've got one thing. :)

It's a hotel in Turkey. I'm SO stupidly excited and its not until next year. lol. I've had a bit of a rubbish time lately and we are skint, seriously skint for the next few months. Was so embarrassing last night getting the shopping in Asda and having to hand over a big pile of vouchers. Anyway. We haven't been abroad since our honeymoon when I was pregnant with Cameron (didn't know it yet though. lol) and I really miss the sun and the sea. Mum on the other hand goes away every year but was getting really bored just sitting around the pool and beach, so as a surprise she booked us all a holiday in Turkey next year! We have to pay the rest but she did the deposit which was a fair chunk of it, and was really cheap as both kids went free anyway. So I'm a very happy bunny. :) We've been busy getting more of Marks stuff ready to ebay to add to our dwindling funds so I spent most of last night building a Puzz 3d millennium Falcon. It was NOT easy! There were 800 odd bits and trying to get them to stay together when building it all up wasn't simple. It really was for someone with patience, god knows why I was doing it!


  1. Wow that swimming pool looks very tempting, hope the holiday comes round quickly.

    hubby and I are hoping to take our three boys to disney land paris and were skint too :( waiting for the new brochure to come out in a couple of weeks so we can get planning. Got to get five passports too ouch on the pennies lol

  2. Ooo...Gemma...that pool looks soo inviting. I know what you mean about not going on holiday for a while. It has been 9 years since we went abroad - due to lack of funds but last year for our special birthdays, we were invited to my sister-in-law's apartment for a week - all food included. Father-in-law paid for our flights, our 3 daughters each gave us money to spend and one of my son-in-laws paid for our airport parking. We have just returned a couple of weeks ago and we had a FAB time. Enjoy yours when it comes. Is it Lykia World? ~Glen~


Thanks for your comments. :)