Thursday, 21 July 2011

WOYWW and blog award :)

lol. Whats on my workdesk? A mess, as usual! The top drawer of my desk has become a dumping ground for the past few months and I took that it now won't close as a sign to sort it out! So it's currently dumped on my desk for me to sort through and organise.

Well this morning I found out I'd won a blog award. :) It's from Becky over at (I dont know how to do the neat links like she does. lol) Do pop over and have a read, she does lovely cards and layouts but also blogs about her everyday life as well. :)
So to accept this I need to tell you seven facts about myself. So here goes. :)
1 - My husband and I collect retro computer games. :) We have hundreds of mega drive, super nintendo, gameboy games and consoles. Even old commodore 64s and spectrum. In fact as we speak Mark is connecting the commodore to the tv for the kids to play with.
2 - I was told due to Marks illness we'd never have children. We were told in July 06 we had a less than 1 percent chance of ever falling pregnant naturally. September 06 I found out I was pregnant with Cameron, May 07 I found out I was pregnant with Caitlin. lol
3 - I cant stand tinned tomato soup. Even the smell makes my stomach turn!
4 - I LOVE roller coasters but hubby hates them. So when we went to disneyland for the first time I told him the Indiana Jones ride was a simple one. While waiting in the queue you couldn't see the ride because of the trees so it wasn't until we were on it he realised it had a big drop and two loop the loops. He wasn't impressed. lol
5 - Growing up I loved Enid Blyton books. Particularly 'The faraway tree' I love I can now read them to my daughter. :)
6 - I accidentally smashed one of Marks correctable figures worth around £200 when I swung my handbag over my shoulder one time. Woops.
7 - I HATE spiders. I scared the life out of Mark a few weeks back by going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, spotting a huge spider on the floor and screaming the place down. He thought someone had broke in. Kids didnt even wake up!

Lol, ok so I'm really not interesting. I asked Mark to think of an interesting fact about me and he couldn't think of one! Charming. So now for the 7 people I pass this award onto. :)

1 - Jo over at Great layouts and always funny posts. :)

2 - Karen at amazing cards and layouts.

3 - Ali at Lots of baby post at the moment as shes just had beautiful twin boys. :)

4 - Claire at Great layouts and stories about her and her adorable girls.

5 - Lisa at Layouts, crafty posts and funny stories. :) What more could you want. lol

6 - Dee at Makes the most amazing things to buy from felt

7 - Carin at So much inspiration here. Love her layouts but never looks the same when I do it. lol

Ok so think thats a long enough post for today! Cold and wet here so taking kids to the library later. Get them some nice books to look at while I scrap a bit I think :)


  1. Thanks for the award Gemma, love the comment too... what more could you want.... erm two cricut carts, a never-emptying bank account, my camera repaired, a decent body clock... shall i stop there?
    L xxx

  2. lol, ill change it to 'what more could you want from a blog' ;)

  3. love how messy your desk is, makes me feel better about mine

  4. Congratulations on the award. I am with your hubby, I hate roller coasters.

  5. Congrats, fabbi award. Is there a desk under there?? *lol* just joking, mine is covered in strategic piles of paperwork with *just* enough room to work!

  6. Well done on the award and thank you so much for mine, I will collect and blog it on Friday. Your desk looks the same as mine and you've given me the kick up the bum that I need to sort it :) I love the facts about you and I think it's so funny that you conned hubby on to a big ride, I always stand in the queue asking if it's a small ride. Edin Blyton is my fave too, especially the boarding school stories. Sorry my comment seems as long as a blog post :D x

  7. Very busy desk there & congrats on the award.

  8. Thankyou Gemma for the award - hope you don't mind if I don't continue it on my blog - I am getting barely time to do normal blogging at the mo and so many of my friends don't accept blog awards that I will be struggling to pass it on.

    But thankyou for thinking of me.

    Karen x


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