Monday, 18 July 2011

Peppa pig world

Ok so we came back last week but been busy since then (nothing nice so I'll just gloss over it. lol) ell kids had a GREAT time at Peppa pig world. :) The drive down was horrendous. 4 and a half hours it took as we got stuck in traffic. Caitlin was a little sick bless her but was very brave. So we get there and obviously the first place we visit is Peppas house. :) Was actually quite realistic models telling a story about Daddy pig making pancakes and them sticking to the ceiling. Caitlin loved it here and we came back more than once.

Now before we went I was warned to take a change of clothes for the 'muddy puddles' section. To be honest I wasn't sure what it was but took the clothes anyway. Would have been better off with a swimming costume. lol. It was basically a big area with fountains and water toys. Each toy was controlled by a button, but not the one nearby. So you would press a button and a fountain would shoot up on the other side of the area if you know what I mean. Caitlin LOVED it!

Was really great, lots of things to do. She happily played here for most of the morning while Cameron played in Mr potatoes park next door. Which again was great with lots of peppa themed things to play on.

After drying Caitlin off and changing her clothes we went on a few rides. First was Grandad dogs boats, a simple ride which goes around in circles next to a duck pond (Not real ducks, yellow peppa pig ducks lol) then onto Grandad pigs train. The queues on all the rides were quite long, around 20 minutes, but there was lots to look at while waiting. The park had a great attention to detail, hills, flowers, building, all right out of the cartoon. Caitlin was in her element pointing everything out to me. One of Camerons favourite rides was georges dinosaur ride. Its similar to the horse race ride you get at most other theme parks. Was a nice relaxing ride showing lots more characters from the show.

In madame gazelles school house.

We went for lunch in Grandad pigs cafe. This is next to a big indoor play area which Cameron again loved. Now one thing about this park i cannot fault is how clean it was. I bought a coffee and walking from the counter to the table just outside I dropped the lid. In the seconds it took me to turn around to get it a member of staff had picked it up and put it in the bin. This was the same throughout the park. Despite its size and how busy it was I didnt see any rubbish lying around. After lunch we went into the main area of the park. This was MUCH quieter than Peppa pig world. The kids went on roller coasters, merry go rounds, the lot with no queues. But obviously its not Peppa pig. lol
Rather than drive back the same day we'd booked into a nearby hotel for the night. Cameron was very excited to see this desk and chair and made us all call him big man. God knows where that came from!

Back to the park the next day and more rides. :) These are some photos taken from Mrs Rabbits helicopters.

Cuddles in front of danny dog. :) At least I think it's Danny dog. lol.

All in all it was a great few days. The park is wonderful and plenty to do. :) If it was nearer I'd be back again in a heartbeat. :)


  1. Great photos! fantastic place for the kids!

  2. Awww looks like you had a fab time there - not familiar at all with Peppa Pig but it does look fun especially the puddle play area.

    Look forward to seeing all the layouts that you do with the lovely photos.

    Karen x

  3. Looks like you had a fab time & I'm so not letting my DD see this, I couldn't handle a day at Peppa Pig World :D

  4. Someone is definitely having a good time there!!!!

  5. Wow! That looks like a fantastic day was had! xx

  6. Looks like you had a great day! We don't have any kids yet but we're waiting until my baby cousin is a bit bigger before taking her as we only live about 12 minutes from there! Can't wait! Becky x


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