Sunday, 4 December 2011

shh its a secret

Ive done loads of crafting over the past few days, but I cant show any of it! lol
Done a few things for swaps which haven't finished yet plus decorated/made the gift for my crop secret santa. But I know that the lady I'm giving to sometimes reads my blog so can share it yet!
I can shre my proud mummy moment though. :) Friday was Camerons christmas play at school, he played a perfect angel, very fitting I thought. lol. The play was really cute, all about an angel who was to clumsy to do all the important jobs, but ends up being the one who led the wise men to baby Jesus. Cameron did his dance and song so well. Very proud mummy. :)

Saturday was a chill out day in our house. We watched Christmas films, ate junk food, put the tree up and baked. I was planning on making mince pie wheels but Camerons reaction when he tried a bit of the filling put paid to that idea! seriously thought he was going to throw up. lol. So put marshmallows, chocolate spread and dried cranberries in it instead. The kids loved cutting up the marshmallows. Cameron took it very seriously. lol

Turned out quite nice for an experiment. lol. Today was another great christmas day, but I'm SO ready for bed now lol so more on that tomorrow.

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  1. Try adding lots of chopped glace cherries and dried cranberries to the mincemeat - that is the only way I can eat the stuff LOL!!!

    Cameron is one cute angel!!

    Karen x


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