Saturday, 29 October 2011

Lost - my mojo

Seriously its gone on holiday. I haven't had the desire to scrap anything n ages. :( Don't think it helps that my desk looks like a bomb site. lol. I keep tidying it but I've fallen into the typical crafters pitfall of buying too much and not having the time to use it or space to put it in. As I result I keep tidying but as most of the stuff doesn't really have a place to live it gets messy way too quickly. Anybody have any advice for this?! lol.
Suppose I really should start trying to use some of it up. To that end I've joined some swaps on Uks. :) I love the Christmas swaps but usually only join the stash swaps, this year I've jumped out of my comfort zone a little and joined some crafting swaps too. One of which was a 'felt embellishment' swap. We had to make 10 felt Christmas themed embellishments which will then be sent to the host who will split them up and send them back. I made these snowflakes.

Did plan to do stitching etc on them but when I did it on one it looked too busy, so decided to keep it simple and sparkly :) So from this I managed to use up a bottle of stickles, some sheets of felt and some bling. Not loads but its a start! lol. And at least I'm making something. Hopefully will attempt a layout tomorrow. If I can get to my desk that is!


  1. Gorgeous Snowflake love the sparkle :)

    I have the opposite problem when I lose my mojo its usually because I don't have the bits to hand to make what I'd like lol. And I try putting off buying the bits for the particular idea because I find when the bits have arrived I don't use them in the end lol. Can't win.

    hope your mojo returns soon x

  2. Very pretty snowflakes Gemma. TFS. ~Glen~

  3. Cute snowflakes, hope your mojo returns soon.

  4. The snowflakes are really pretty. I say get busy, there's nothing like not being able to scrap to get your mojo back.


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