Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Last layouts :) For now lol

Well sports day yesterday went well. :) Had just sat down when the rain started lol, but the kids went on anyway :) Was funny as the poor teachers kept having to tell them not to run too fast as the grass was wet and they slipped, but it being a race don't think anybody listened. lol. All the kids were laughing and having fun though and there were no tears from the teams that didnt win so a nice afternoon really :)
Camerons team sadly didnt win, but my mum had bought him a large chocolate medal anyway so don't think he was too bothered!

Well have the last two layouts to show from the ATDML cyber crop :) There are a few I haven't done yet but didn't get a chance last night and as we're going away Friday will wait and see if I get time tomorrow :) This was a challenge to use a sketch. It's hard to photograph but I actually did this on 12x12 acetate, so it had a clear background. Love all the cute little animals I cut out :) Photos are from a trip Mark and Caitlin went on with pen green. It was all about teaching the kids about nature and caitlin adored her binoculors. Tired her out too :)

This was for another challenge to do stamping. I'm not a big stamping person but did the bubbles in blue paint stamped with a cup, lol. So hope this counts. :)

Close up of the bubbles.

Well not much done today, work and ironing this morning, dinners in the oven and got more cleaning to do this afternoon. Like to get it all done before we go anywhere iykwim.

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  1. Beautiful layouts. I did have to laugh at the teacher telling them to slow down :)


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