Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Coke advert!!!!1

Its now officially the start of Christmas!!! We all have little things while make it really feel like Christmas for us, the tree going up, lights being turned on, for quite a few of my firneds its the red cups coming out at Starbucks, lol. Well mine is well and truely the Coke-a-cola advert bring shown :) Based on facebook status' I think it was first shown last week during saturday nights x-factor. I dont watch this so missed it :(. As the week went on more and more people posted about it but I still hadn't seen it!! Wasn't a happy bunny. Then this morning, Jeremy Kyle was on in the background while I was filling out some forms and I heard it, 'Holidays are coming' YEY!!!! I actually screamed, poor Mark nearly hit the roof. lol. Ah well he knew I was nuts when he married me (he says he didn't but he did :p) Its now offically the start of Christmas!!!!!!  As fun as that is its a little scary considering my 'to do' list is still pretty huge. Managed to make a pretty big dent in it over the past few days though :) Posted off my stocking swap parcel, couple of cards/letters and my finished elf door. Ok didnt turn out quite as I'd have liked. I wanted to put some twine around the edge to look like christmas lights but it really didnt, lol, so used the little dew drops around the edge instead.
Also made a stand at the back so it can stand up on its own.
Hope my swapee likes it :) Project of the day today, BUNTING!


  1. Love you elf door Gemma, so cute but I DON'T like the coke ad in November!!! I've nearly seen it twice, refuse to watch it until December!!!

  2. Lol I also love the the coke advert! Your elf door is too cute, I am sure your swapee will love it! :)

  3. I think I must be the only person who doesn't like the coke ad especially when they start showing it so early in the year. I show my disgust by refusing to buy coke LOL!!

    That elf door is gorgeous - I am sure your swapee loved it x

  4. That elf door is so sweet. I saw the ad for the first time today and I love it, it's red cups for me though :) x


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