Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Well made lots of progress on the bunting :) Poor kids havent been able to play on the rug for over a week now as all my craft stuff was on it. After finishing the bunting for my swap i thought there might be a bit more room but I was wrong, this is what it looks like now lol.
The 'Merry Christmas' is for my mum, I've finished Merry but just planned christmas. The other ones are the names Mollie, Lillie and Evie for my neices Christmas boxes. HOPE to get the majority of these finished tonight as I have the plan in my head its just getting it put together, but we'll see. :) Remember yesterday I said I'd put a big dent in my Christmas craft list? Think someone heard that and thought 'Oh really? We'll see about that!' Last night Caitlin came home with a cake pop from her class, I thought it was someones birthday but apprently a mum just made them as a gift for the class, now Caitlin wants me to make cakes for the class *rolls eyes*. I'm a little proud she thinks they're good enough to share but thats a lot of cakes! Plus I don't like making cakes for school if I'm honest. When I worked in a school I knew a lot of parents were iffy about giving their kids food from other homes, while I know my kitchen is clean and hyginic obviously they don't; so we came to a compromise, when she gives out her christmas cards I'm going to make ribbon trees for everyone as well. So now have 65 ribbon trees to add to my list as got to do Camerons class too. Oh it's all good fun! lol.


  1. Lovely banners Gemma.
    When I was on the PTA we used o organise the Xmas parties and asked for different foods from the parents - if you saw some of the things that were brought in you'd never eat food again!!!

  2. Banners look great Gemma.

    Awww bless Caitlin - at least you know she is proud of her crafting mum xx

  3. Those banners look lovely. That's so sweet of Caitlin, she must be very proud of you and your cakes if she wants to share them, the ribbon tress are a great alternative x


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