Monday, 26 November 2012

More bunting :)

Well supposed to be at work today but as its a bit of a drive was worried about the car so canceled :( Hoping to get it looked at this week though, why does all this happen just before Christmas! Managed to get more bunting done last night :) As I've probably mentioned before I've just bought a smallish gift for each of my nieces this year but I'm making a box of goodies for each of them too. As part of it I've made them each bunting for their rooms. This is Lillies, her room is really bright so used lots of bright colours in hers.
Evie on the other hand is a typical tomboy so used more dark pinks and 'distressed' colours in hers.
Hopefully they'll like it :)

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  1. These are just so cute - I am sure they are going to love them xx


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