Sunday, 25 November 2012

First brain, now everythings broke!

Ugh its been an expencive weekend. Friday morning Cameron broke his school shoes. Saturday my phone broke, and today the car broke AHHHHH!!!!!! Got Cam new shoes from Asda which is fine but £15 I wasn't planning on spending, my phone I'll just deal with as it still works in a way but just wont vibrate and sometimes turns on silent so I miss calls or messages, the car I've no idea what we'll do. Its been making a funny noise when I turn it on for a few months now but as its been driving fine I've been ignoring it.Then a few weeks back the engine overheated, as the water and everything was fine I put it down to a one off but today it happened again :( Oddly enough though it was on a small drive, just down the road to the chrildrens center, while in the past few weeks I've been to Northampton, Kettering and all over the place with no issue. Think if it happens again I'll call the AA, at least then I'll have an idea whats wrong with it. On a good note I finally finished my mums bunting :) I've been working really hard on it and she says she loves it so really pleased as shes hard to impress. Typically though I forgot to take a photo of it but will do next time I'm round her house :) I also finished the labels for the 'Snowman soup' and the cookie mix jars :) Look little snowmen :) The kids now want me to make some for them, despite the fact they can have hot chocolate whenever they want lol. Think they just like the label.
Love my gingerbread men, I know they're cookies and not gingerbread mix but I dont have a cookie diecut lol. i got this one for christms last year and havent used it much but seeing how cute these turned out think I might put it in my 'on hand' box rather than out in the garage. If I ever start doing layouts again that it, still loads of christmas crafts to do. Enjoying it though :) Hoping to have all my bunting done by the end of the week then its just decorations to do. Hope I'll be done by Christmas!!!

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