Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bad luck

My family seem to have the worst luck around this time of year. The amount of car accidents, household things breaking, poor health and just general bad stuff happening is insane! The last year we had a genuinly nice Christmas was back when I was pregnant with Cameron, so 6 years ago now. The year after my sister started going out with the violent partner (yep same one who pops up every now and again now) next year Mark was in hospital, next year my Gran was, last year my Granddad was and this year still Granddad. He went back to hospital yesterday to have the new lump on his arm looked at :( They took a biopsy but they're not sure what they're going to do this time. After twice removing it before and Granddad taking so long to recover each time I think they're considering leaving it :( Yesterday was just a rubbish day all round. I got a letter yesterday morning from Autoglass saying my insurance didnt cover the repairs done and I needed to pay, confused as I'd had no repairs done I rang them. Turned out it was for chip repair I had done back in 2009! Told them no chance I'm paying now they can take me to court. Went town to get a vest to match my top, forgot the bloody top didn't I. On the way back the car overheated so rang the AA, guy came out and checked it all, need a new sensor but nothing big. Ok great off he goes, I go to drive home and........power steering is broken! So needed to wait for the AA to send another guy out to fix that. On a good note though the noise I was worried about is a piece of plastic loose on the heating fan. Irritating but not a hazzard. As a result though wasn't home until seriously late so got nothing done I'd planned to. Had hoped to have my rug cleared but it looks like this
Nope not clear lol. Marks in bed with a medication headache today though so that's him there for the day. Cant hoover or do anything loud so think lots of washing and getting back on top of the crafting is the plan today :)


  1. Sounds like my week last week, what could go wrong did go wrong. Hope things improve soon.

  2. Don't sound too good sweet, I hope granddad gets better soon for you, and I hope Christmas ends up being a good one for you :)
    Keep Smiling, Take Care
    xXx Leanne xXx

  3. Oh you poor thing - hope it all sorts itself out in time for you to have a wonderful Christmas.
    Sue x

  4. Oh dear {{hugs}} Gemma, I really hope things go better so you can have a fantastic Christmas :)


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