Friday, 23 November 2012

Think my brain is broke.

Honestly I made SUCH an idiot out of myself yesterday lol. First I went on a quick shopping trip to the local retail park, went to The range, Next, Poundland then Asda. At Asda the woman couldn't find my wrapping paper on the system so called a member of staff. he then wondered about the store with it trying to find how much it was before I remembered I'd bought it at the range. Mortified! Then to town to meet my Mum for a coffee. On leaving paid for parking but when I got to the car didn't have the ticket. Searched all the bags before Mum found a security guard who checked the CCTV and clearly saw me putting my ticket in the machine, paying for it and walking away, leaving the ticket IN the machine. AHHHH They were lovely though and after a bit of good natured fun being poked at me let me out without paying the £10 lost ticket charge lol. Wasn't all bad though, managed to get a lot of the little bits crossed off my list and have an aim to do a lot more today. :) Think there's so much buzzing about my head at the moment it's struggling to keep up! Also enjoyed a black forest hot chocolate at costa too :)
I LOVE these, chocolate, cherries, whipped cream, whats not to love! Right well better go get started on my list. :) Lots of crafting things so actually looking forward to it


  1. You cant beat a Black Forest hot choc! Have resisted and have only had one so far lol!

  2. That did make me laught and it's exactly the sort of thing I'd do! I might have to go in search of a Costa now! x


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