Saturday, 10 October 2015

Blogtober day 10 - Happy and warm

Don't know about where you are buts its getting colder and colder here! Had to put the heating on today as just could not get warm!
Its another sign Christmas is on its way though so I'll allow it :) Been a bit of a rush rush morning then a sitting about afternoon here lol. Had a dr appointment for Mark at 9:30, then had to pop Tesco for potatos, stop in at my Grans then rush down to my Mums to take my niece to her drama lesson as my Dads car had a flat tyre lol.
Was home 11ish and thats about it! Spent a relaxed couple of hours sorting hama beads and watching 'The Returned' I've watched the American version already but now the French one has got a second series I'm having to rewatch. Its different for me as usually when I watch TV I'm ironing or crafting or doing something else, but obviously because I don't speak French I need to properly watch the show. Its an entertaining show but I do feel a little like I'm wasting time 'just' sitting and watching TV.
Anyway, back to being cold lol. Me and Caitlin can't stand being cold. Mark and Cameron arn't bothered by it but we hate it. Like me, when shes cold, or feeling poorly or even when shes a little sad, Caitlin loves a warm bath full of bubbles.
Now I know theres a big controversy atm about putting photos of your kids in the bath online, but IMO this is a perfectly innocent photo, you cant see anything besides bubbles and her head so to be honest if it offends you, don't look lol.

Love this kit, honestly its SUCH good value and never ending!
Hopefully starting the next one this week :)


  1. I'm with you - a beach photo in a swimming costume would be more revealing than this snap.

    You've made a lovely page, I do like the mix of colours you have used.

  2. Ditto to Louise! It's like your mix of embellies and the gold word is lush! Ooh a new kit! Enjoy x


Thanks for your comments. :)