Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hello again

Well Blogtober went to pot didnt it lol. This month seems to have just flew by and tbh I've had a few more difficuilt days than usual.
I think a huge source of stress has been our surprise trip to Disneyland :) Mum and I booked it ages ago for Caitlin, me, Mum and Mollie as it was a super cheap coach trip. However keeping it a secret from the girls and trying to plan it with very little information wasn't very fun for me lol.
Despite a few hiccups, and a NIGHTMARE of a trip home it went well. :) The girls had fun and Caitlin got a few new signatures in her book so everyone was happy.
So now I'm back! Fully unpacked, Christmas planning back in force and hopefully will be doing some layouts sometime over the next few days as my kits are piling up! First though I'm sitting down with a coffee and catching up on my blog reading :)


  1. Good to 'see' you back. Who enjoyed it more - you or Caitlin? Well done on keeping it a surprise, I'm useless at that. x

  2. Glad you managed to keep the secret up until the very last. I bet you all had a ball.

  3. Sorry you've been stressed. Hope it was all worth it and you sad a fab time x


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