Saturday, 3 October 2015

Love my hubby

6 years ago today we got a phonecall saying there was a liver available for my husband. Those who know me already know this story but for those who don't he suffered from lupus since he was 13 and his body attacked his liver and basically killed it.
So many times he was taken into hospital and we were told to say goodbye and so many times he pulled through. I honestly look back now and wonder how I got through it, particually with two very small children at the time.
We never forget that someone had to die for him to live and I am so grateful for the family who chose such a selfless act to allow my kids to keep their Dad and me to keep my best friend.
Of the many reasons I love him is that he understands me so well. :) Remember how I was saying about feeling lonely and missing my babies? Well when they were babies I loved putting them in the prettiest cloth nappies. I had them custom made and covered in detailed embroidery. Silly to most people but I loved them. While feeling nostalgic I went to the website I loved the most (weenotions in case you want to google) and found they were making Christmas stockings! Then I saw the price and cried, £25 a stocking! Seriously I cried lol. Mark obviously asked why I was so upset and through sobbing I explained. Bless him he insisted I order them anyway. I couldn't afford to get 4 in one hit so ordered one for Caitlin and one for Mark (which is a surprise) and will order another 2 next month.
Expensive, crazy, but I love them :)


  1. I knew from your posts that Mark wasn't in the best of health but I didn't realise just what you had been through. We are all signed up as organ donors in our house - I think we should move to an opt-out system.
    Love the stockings, but what an eye-watering price. I just had mainly square terry's nappies, and a few shaped cloth ones (which were so much easier to use when out and about) - we didn't have the internet and it was 15 years ago so there was less choice out there.
    Well done on keeping up with the blogging, and thanks for sharing such a touching story x


Thanks for your comments. :)