Thursday, 1 October 2015


Blog post number one :) and I'm starting with a self pity one lol. I remember when I was little and I basically lived in my bedroom or out with my friends. My Mum forced us to all sit together and have Sunday dinner and I remember counting the time until I could go hide in my room again. Now however I'm the Mum, and my two are either in their rooms or playing outside. Even when we got a takeaway the weekend just gone and I suggested watching a film or something together, nope, they took the plates and back upstairs they went.
So guess what rule will now be coming into force this Sunday? They may be counting the minutes as I did but I don't care, I refuse to have empty nest syndrome when my kids are 7 and 8!
I suppose I'm overreacting a little, they still love snuggles at times and Caitlins still coming home daily with pictures shes drawn for me :) I always feel guilty throwing them away but I can't keep everything she does, I could wallpaper the house!
With this in mind I looked on pinterest and came up with this. I picked some of my fave pictures, mothers day ones or the first one she did at Rainbows etc; I punched a circle out of each and made this frame. There were a few less to choose from when it came to Cameron but I made do :)

Love it when things work out the way I picture them :)


  1. Those turned out so cute - what a great idea. Even when I manage to have both kids home, we're bad about not eating at the table.

  2. That is about the most clever idea I've seen in a long time. I could see those as gifts for grandparents too! Just perfect.

  3. I don't know if my children count the minutes, but they are not allowed food in their rooms so they always eat at the kitchen table. What a great idea for all their artwork :-)

  4. We always had to eat around the table together as a family, definitely no food allowed in bedrooms and I still do that LOL!! What a fab way of preserving their artwork

  5. Mail time is round the table at our house too. It's a good chance to talk and catch up and plan stuff (sometimes they disappear afterwards sometimes if I'm lucky they stay!) love what you've done with those frames - such a eat way of capturing their artwork x


Thanks for your comments. :)