Sunday, 4 October 2015

Blogtober day 4 - Grown up?

When do you know you're a 'grown up'? I was talking to Mark about this the other day, I certainly don't feel any more grown up than I was 10 years ago. I still love Disney, would rather eat ice cream than a healthy meal and get very excited whenever Christmas comes around :)
Thursday night was Marks long awaited birthday trip to see Michael Mcintyre down in London. I'd actually booked these tickets last February and was very confused come October that it wasn't on as I got the year wrong. Woops! Anyway, while down there we were given 'Buy one get one free' vouchers for a fancy cocktail bar. Unfortunately my 'child like' nature was made all the more clear when we went lol.
First of all, I don't feel comfortable in places like that, its too quiet and fancy. There were huge curtains of beads hanging down from the roof and it took all my willpower not to go run my hands through them. Then there was my 'Oh, wheres my little umbrella?' complaint when the cocktail did actually come (with a bit of orange peel pegged to the stem, what!?) then finally, when Mark stumbled on the little step up to our table and fell flat on his face and rather than rushing to his aid I cried with laughter.
He was ok though, and I did feel a bit guilty for laughing, so I'm not 'too' evil :p
The show was amazing though. Mark really enjoyed it which TBH is the main thing. Rather than push his stamina I'd booked a overnight stay at a nearby hotel which felt SO weird without the kids! We brought them home Cinnabons though so don't think they minded.
Yesterday was a very special day to us; if you read yesterdays post you'd know its been 6 years since Marks transplant. We like to do something special on that day as a family so decided to go and see the new Hotel transilvania 2 film. Was a lot funnier than I thought :) On the way home we popped into Farmfoods and I was very excited to see this!!!!
It only comes out around Christmas and is one of my favourite flavours. :) I may have squealed in the middle of the shop, lol.
Oh well, who wants to be grown up anyway :) Except the wine, and the driving, and the being allowed to eat a tub of ice cream instead of dinner (as long as I ignore the hubbys protests that its not good for me lol)being a kid is more fun ;)


  1. Sorry I'm 51 and can't give you an answer - I'm not well behaved enough to go into those sorts of places and I need at least three cherries on an umbrella in a cocktail!! I will keep an eye out for that icecream - I would rather eat a whole tub of B&J than a proper meal too. Still sulking that we can no longer get Baked Alaska locally - that was my favourite one - so much fun digging for white chocolate polar bears :D

  2. Mint ice cream is rather like marmite, and I'm in the hate it camp. Although OH and my two sons definitely love it. Not only do I NOT feel quite grown up yet my Mum often treats me like I'm not! And since being grown up just means worrying about bills and the like, who wants to be grown up anyway? x


Thanks for your comments. :)