Thursday, 8 October 2015

Blogtober day 8 - Woops

Well I had planned to share the layouts I did last night, however for some reason blogger won't let me upload photos :\
So without photos I'll just say I managed 2 more layouts, one more and I'm pretty sure I'll have killed this kit :) Aside from some ironing tomorrow there's not much planned so Im quite excited to start using it as its full of beautiful autumn colours. :) Though unless you visit the Like for ever website you'll just need to take my word for it at the moment!
FX whatevers wrong will be fixed by tomorrow.
Well while yesterday was busy but I don't know how, today has been busy and I know exactly how lol. The morning was spent going into town and running errands there, shopping for perishables, exchanging a t-shirt I'd bought for Mark that was too small, putting money in the bank, post office, hunting EVERYWHERE for a witches cauldron (still not got one) then dropping shopping off to my Gran before home.
Home Mark went to bed while I sorted what seemed like an endless pile of clothes that had been washed and dried the day before, before wrapping some more Christmas gifts that have been delivered recently. Finished just in time for the school run and then the usual homework, dinner, bath, bed routine. Caitlin did make me laugh though.
Me - Caitlin wheres your camera?
Caitlin - I've not lost it!
Me - Ok, where is it?
Caitlin - *pause* Well I know exactly where I put it, I'm just not sure right now where that is.
What do I say to that?! BTW it was in her pink handbag in her wardrobe. Girl has too many handbags lol.


  1. Too many handbags? Never!
    I promise myself every year I will wrap Christmas presents as they arrive ... but I always end up doing them Christmas eve, so well done you. Love Caitlin's logic!

  2. It's so much easier if you wrap as you buy, but I can't feel festive until December is a bit closer!

  3. I detest present wrapping and I always say that I am going to do it early but never do. I struggled yesterday getting my photos onto my blog - in the end I waited a couple of hours and tried again and it worked - so hopefully tomorrow it will work for you x


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