Monday, 5 October 2015

Blogtober day 5 - little one

Ok I'll be honest I'm asleep on my feet at the moment so this will be a quick blog post.
Today has been Drs appointments, painkillers, crafting and making lists. In the run up to Christmas I'll need all kinds of gift lists, to do lists, decorating lists etc so this will be my bible for the next 3 months
I remember last year I lost my notebook and pulled the house apart looking for it. Found it eventually in the bin, would have been lost without it!
Quick layout share. It is straight in real life its just a dodgy photo lol. Another with the Like for ever kit. Hoping to finish this kit soon so I can start the new one.

Rate I'm going the next one will be out before I've even started!
Hopefully more awake tomorrow. :)


  1. There's nothing quite like a nice new notebook.

  2. I love pink notebooks. Trouble is I forget to read the lists I write! Lovely LO too - I. Seem to make mine look wonky too x

  3. It is lovely to have a pretty notebook for all your lists - I have a drawer full of notebooks yet I still keep buying them LOL - I have noticed that a lot of crafters are addicted to pretty stationery. Lovely layout - I am always putting up wonky photos of layouts - never can get them dead straight

  4. Mmm new notebook! Good luck with the lists x The page is lovely - your style has really developed Gemma. Lots of layering ( do I spy tissue paper? ) splatters and embellies. It's lovely x


Thanks for your comments. :)