Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Cave lady

Once a month, one of picks something to do as a family; this month was Caitlins turn and she picked a trip to the circus.
Bit different from a movie and I was able to get cheap tickets on Groupon so bonus!
Selfie before it started :)
I knew Caitlin would enjoy it as it was her kind of thing but I was thrilled that Cameron loved it too. Hes going through that 'too cool for school' phase where he isn't very expressive when he's enjoying something unless he really loves it, so to see him laughing along at the clown and gasping at the gymnastic acts was really heartwarming.
Today was Caitlins 'stone age' day at school. That's their topic for this term and they were having someone in to give a talk and let them see fossils so the kids were allowed to dress up for the occasion.
Now I love the internet, google can be a brilliant tool, however when I google 'Stone age dress up ideas for kids' and THIS comes up, I have to wonder if someone is drinking while they work lol.
Luckily I was able to come up with something by myself :) I did have her hair messier and make up on her face to make her look messy but she was having none of that! Think she was the neatest, cleanest cave lady there.
So tonight finds me feeling very blessed and accomplished :) Family time together, crafting and finally finished Christmas shopping aside from one gift (hopefully get that on black friday) what else could I ask for. :)

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