Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Wow its november?!

Yey it's November?! I don't know where October went but it's November! I'm now allowed to talk about Christmas and not be looked at like I'm a crazy person lol.
Before that though I did do Halloween. Like I've said before Caitlin decided she wanted to be a rainbow and I admit I was quite pleased with the way her outfit turned out :)
So now its allllll about Christmas. It's a huge deal in my house. I love the lights, the planning, the shopping, all of it. I never used to, funnily enough when I was younger Halloween was my favourite holiday. Since having the kids though the wonder of the Christmas season has fully taken over.
The amount of planning for one day though is crazy. I admit I put a lot of it on myself. I like to spring clean each room, repaint if needed etc so everything is all shiny and new for the big day.
No idea why, not like anybody new comes to my house as all my family live nearby and visit regularly but I'm not one for doing things the normal way :p Past couple of days I've been resorting the kids rooms. Don't know what it is with Caitlin but she seems to hoard every scrap of paper she comes across! She has a large Ikea unit in her room and at least 2 drawers are full of papers, pens which don't work, notebooks etc. No idea WHERE she gets it from!
Did make me giggle when I was clearing it up though, found a sheet saying 'I love jellyfish. But they are not made of jelly, and they don't look like fish'
Cleaning aside I've been back on decoration making too. My list this year is, as usual, longer than last but I've got some new things on it I'm looking forward to making. This rose wreath for my Mum for example.
Think I'll need to make a few more roses.........


  1. The rainbow outfit was brilliant - and much nicer to see than some of the gory outfits in shops. I like the wreath too - the colours are lovely.

  2. You did a great job with the Rainbow outfit. That wreath is going to be gorgeous. I used to love making those little roses.


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